Jean-Claude Biver, Former CEO Of Hublot Replica, President of Watch Department Of LCMH Group Will Be Out Of Office?

Recently, according to media reports from CNBC, French magazine Challenges and Reuters, Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH Group’s watch department, is about to unload his responsible operations, but he will continue to provide his own professional advice in the group. There are many reasons for Mr. Biver’s resignation. Some media pointed out that it was because of health factors. He is 69 years old in 2018. He may have a health condition due to his long-term career, but this is only speculation and has not been confirmed by LVMH Group or Mr. Biver.

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Why does Jean-Claude Biver’s resignation cause such a big influence? It is because of his legendary career. In 1975, he joined in Audermars Piguet, then he worked for Omega. In 1981, he and his friend Jacques Piguet served in Blancpain which became glorious after 10 years. 2004, he served as the CEO of Hublot and next year the representative creative Hublot Big Bang fake watches were launched.

The six screws on the bezel are the iconic feature of Hublot.

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Mr Biver continued the brand’s unique character of Hublot Fusion and used the rich resource of professional watchmaking and sell, promoting the brand’s development and marketing layout of the new series Big Bang within one year. In 2008, LCMH Group purchased Hublot, and in 2004, Mr Biver took charge of the CEO of LCMH Group’s watch department. Hublot copy with high performance became more and more popular under his management.

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